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Our world-leading SABRE Business Simulation, software tools and strategy programs drive real market impact.

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We teach business strategy courses and have the tools you need to build a team of high-impact, strategic leaders.

There is no other company in the world that comes to the table with the combination of teaching philosophy and execution mentality of IIBD.

High Impact. Real Time.

We are strategists. We are obsessed with creating strategy
that delivers the greatest possible impact in the shortest possible time.

Our courses and programs are designed drive real, positive impact for organisations. Traditional consultants, degrees and executive educations programs have their place. Yet we believe that only by using simulations and strategic tools can you create the change necessary to capture your opportunities in the shortest possible time.

This month at IIBD...

We travelled to inner Mongolia to deliver a SABRE course to executives at Yili Dairy.


This month saw us teach a SABRE Simulation Program in the heart of Mongolia, in Hothot. Congratulations to Team 5 for their spectacular win, and thank you all for participating so wholeheartedly in SABRE.

We also had the pleasure of travelling to the US to once again work with Sanofi Executives as they go through a SABRE simulation course. We worked alongside IMD Professor James Henderson. Congratulations to all who participated, and thank you for a great course. 

The Six Pillars of Strategy

Those of you who have attended a course will be familiar with the Six Pillars of Strategy. Our signature cards can be found in briefcases, notebooks and offices around the world, and we’re glad that so many have found them to be helpful. 

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