IIBD + HFX Training

Global Training Solutions. World Class Support.

IIBD and HFX Training have partnered to deliver the SABRE Simulation globally, with one goal in mind: Delivering life-changing learning experiences.

The HFX Training team has 40 years' experience designing, supporting and leading simulation-based learning experiences.

In partnership with IIBD, HFX Training is bringing the SABRE Simulation into new geographical areas, offering unrivalled levels of instructor and participant support.

Experiential Learning. Transformed.

View HFX and IIBD’s portfolio of SABRE Simulation offerings, including SABRE Strategy and SABRE Sales Training Simulations.

View HFX’s instructor-led and individual learner program options, including customized courses, led both virtually and in real-time.

We believe in one simple concept; the power of practice.

Jeremy Lovelace, CEO HFX Training