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OMC… Dead in the Water!

Manufacturing an iconic brand isn’t enough. To ensure survival, management must have a passion to lead the market in new directions and keep introducing value adding innovations.    While Johnson and Evinrude outboard motors aren’t the first iconic brands to nose dive into oblivion, what they did do well was to provide is a great example [...]

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Flying too Close to the Sun – the C-Series passenger Jet

A technical advantage doesn’t always translate into a competitive market advantage.  To fully realize a competitive market advantage, you must ensure the product meets the standard of a ‘minimal viable product’.  This means there are certain criteria customers expect you to meet to be considered as an alternative purchase.  As Bombardier discovered with its ill-fated [...]

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Admit it … we all pray.  I’m not speaking in religious terms but over centuries people have prayed to different deities for many reasons….protection from aggressors, for rain to grow crops, sunshine to harvest them.  In my case it might have been for my hockey team to snatch success from the jaws of defeat or [...]

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Painting the future

Most of our newsletters are about launching new products and opening new markets.  Often glossed over are those tricky points in time when a company needs to navigate through a market transition – those tectonic shifts where everything you know to be true suddenly isn’t. We’ve all seen how on-line advertising shifted the media markets [...]

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Strategy….The Good, the Ugly and the really Bad

Senior managers gather in a ballroom for a presentation on the Vision of the Future.   Lights are dimmed and music is cued for the dramatic announcement of the corporate vision …. “To be the most respected and successful company in their industry”.  The PowerPoint fades to a slick video emphasizing the strategic goals of ‘Market [...]

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Finding Competitive Advantage

The Turkish division of a large European medical equipment manufacturer was facing a major challenge.  Until this point they’d mostly controlled the market but a major USA manufacturer, (and their main competitor globally) was moving in.  The American competitor had already muscled into other European markets and was now itching to establish a foothold in [...]

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