I can see clearly now

The goal of developing a strategy is to ensure that business objectives are met by aligning resources with market opportunities.   What may sound simple gets exceptionally complicated when internal teams compete for corporate time and money while external competitors battle for the same customers.  This takes the need for strategic planning to a whole new […]

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E -Mustang Sally

The Ford Motor company has thrust itself to the forefront of the EV market.  The Mustang Mach E was launched in 2021 and this year we’ll see the new Ford Lighting followed by a series of E-transit vehicles (think delivery vans).  But success didn’t happen overnight and with most businesses pivoting to new “Sustainable” markets […]

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Triple Bogey

Aligning business resources with great market opportunities can sometimes lead to some tough ethical situations. The world is a complicated place and enterprises can find it is difficult to choose with whom to do business.  We don’t always get it right.  Even with the best of intentions companies can find themselves associated with countries or […]

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