What value is your “Yes” if you can’t say “No”?

In the movie “Bruce Almighty”, actor Jim Carey gets to be God which, of course, means he must respond to people’s prayers.  At one point he’s so inundated with prayers to win the lottery, travel the world, etc. that rather than weighing the merit of each request he hits “Yes” to all.  Everyone’s prayers are […]

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The Art of Negative Thinking

International Harvester was started in the 1800’s by the McCormick brothers, ushering in the end of manual harvesting and revolutionizing the agriculture industry.  A century later, in the 1980s, all was lost when corporate strategists leaned too heavily on the power of positive thinking to hold up their lofty goals and ‘stretch’ objectives with little […]

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What is the value of a Strategy?

For many business executives “Strategic Planning”  is viewed as a yearly exercise ranked up there with going to the dentist, filing taxes, or booking an annual flu shot. This negativity comes with a lot of good reasons.  For instance, one company nicknamed their strategic planning review the “Inquisition” complete with witch hunts and few executive […]

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Triple Bogey

Aligning business resources with great market opportunities can sometimes lead to some tough ethical situations. The world is a complicated place and enterprises can find it is difficult to choose with whom to do business.  We don’t always get it right.  Even with the best of intentions companies can find themselves associated with countries or […]

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