Ian Williamson IIBD

Ian Williamson

Head of R&D

Regional Office: North America

Specialty: SABRE Architectural Design, R&D, Software

Language: English

Ian Williamson has over 12 years’ experience in R & D in the natural gas, petrochemicals, and telecommunications industries. Since 2002 he has brought an engineering perspective to strategic and market-facing aspects of our clients’ needs.

At NOVA Corporation and TransCanada Pipelines, Ian developed and led research programs centred on the operation of a high-pressure natural gas test facility, specializing in flow meter performance and uncertainty analysis. He has authored ten published papers and led the development of an optical flow meter, which was the subject of three U.S. patents.

At Nortel Networks, he represented the customer service organization in the definition and development of Nortel’s next generation long haul fiber optic communications product, where the balance between market requirements and internal capabilities was critical.

Ian currently provides market research and instruction in strategic development, uncertainty, risk analysis, and portfolio management. He is the lead architectural designer for the SABRE simulations and iSIGHT conjoint analysis software, and is responsible for the development of tools to support strategic planning.